This page is dedicated in honor of Amara, Sophie and Cecilia – three sisters who were tragically taken from this world far too soon!

Cecilia was the baby of the family, the neighborhood, the world. She was everyone and anyone’s baby. Cecilia embraced the world and trusted that everyone was looking out for her. Cecilia was an energetic, affectionate, and sweet friend to everyone she encountered. She knew that she was the last child and like a typical last born loved that which she could not have. Her greatest wish was to have a baby sister or brother or both or if we can’t have a baby can we please at least have kittens. Even as a baby she would try to hold and mother other babies even if they out weighed her. Cecilia adored bugs as well. She often loved them to death and or dismemberment. She would just pick up the grossest, creepiest, crawliest, things and smother them with affection.  Cecilia was also my music head offspring. She enjoyed a wide range of music and would often go into detail about what her feelings were about a song. “I like the beat but not the words.” or “This is perfect mom put it on my Facebook!” were common phrases while listening to the current while driving to daycare. Cecilia enjoyed books, glue, and more glue. She was creative and inquisitive. Cecilia was so young when we lost her and so much about her was undiscovered but during her short time with us her soul was an open book full of kindness.

Sophie was an enigma to behold. She was an artist to the depths of her soul. She was stubborn, confident, and utterly self contained. Sophie did not require or desire anyone’s approval or praise. Everything for her was about feelings and emotions. She loved as deeply as she loathed. Sophie would taunt her sisters into tantrums and then turn around and be the first to defend them. She was a notoriously picky eater and her favorite food was spaetzle from the local German restaurant.  She found her sport when I enrolled her in akikido to help her channel her many strong emotions. She enjoyed Girl Scouts and participating in church activities. The child was a monkey that enjoyed climbing anything and everything from trees to stop signs. Sophie prided herself on being a defender of the downtrodden.  She was stunningly beautiful inside and out.  She was kind and affectionate to those who she brought into her world. She had a sharp wit and a quick mouth which she often used. By the time of her passing she was already making competition winning art and she was finding her path in life. Sophie was my philosopher who saw no point in simply talking and was instead always focused on creating something be it an object or an experience. Sophie made life interesting, complicated, and worthwhile. 

Amara was born an old soul. She was incredibly intelligent and always very logical. Amara took a scientific approach to every aspect of life. Everything was an experiment to be documented. When asked in kindergarten what her favorite book was she responded “Well I prefer non-fiction and my favorite book is Stephen Hawkings What’s Out There.” and by the time she was 10 she would be caught reading college algebra books late at night. Amara’s goal was to go to MIT and be a scientist. She had discovered that she could watch videos of MIT lectures online and devoured the series. She loved baking and by the time of her passing she was making meringue pies from scratch. She played soccer from a very young age and loved the sport and her team mates. Amara adored animals even the unlovable ones. She found a spider in our basement and would catch bugs to feed it.  She loved deeply and was always open to adding people to her heart. Amara would have changed this world for the better in a million different ways and was a blessing to us.