Documentary Film

TRI-ANGELS is a documentary being produced by Alms Creative and filmmaker, William Alms. The documentary will focus on how the community came together through donations of time, money and materials in order to build an all-accessible playground in River Falls. These efforts led to Jessica choosing the light over the darkness. This film will be released locally to the community and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Tri-Angels fund.

Many people are drawn into the darkness caused by a tragedy. Why did the person perpetrate such an atrocity? What drove a person to do such a thing? What are the gruesome details? If we consistently turn our focus onto the darkness through what we watch and read, do we ourselves propagate darkness? One way we can turn our focus onto the light and onto the good in this world is by watching and reading stories of how people and communities have found substantive ways to heal from tragedy.Ā TRI-ANGELS is one such story.

William Alms started a video and film production business, Alms Creative, back in 2013 after over 14 years in television production. William first got involved with Tri-Angels in August of 2015 when he produced a short video about the playground for Unlimited Play. Since March of 2016, he has been in conversations with Michelle Rinehart, the River Falls Community Foundation and the St. Croix Valley Foundation with the endeavor to tell this emotional yet triumphant story. William has made Hudson his home since 2007 where he lives with his wife, Bonnie, and son, Everett.

The story that TRI-ANGELS intends to tell will take a lot of effort by not only the filmmaker, William Alms, but also by the community who supported Tri-Angels over the years. Part of that effort will be to connect with William to tell him your story of how you got involved. Part of that effort will be to share photos and videos of fundraising efforts and the building of the playground. And some of that part is by way of a donation. All donations for the film are tax deductible and will go directly to the Tri-Angels Fund. The Tri-Angels Fund is part of the River Falls Community Foundation which is an affiliate of the St. Croix Valley Foundation.