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Our Mission

The Tri-Angels Fund invests in projects that positively impact the River Falls community and honor the lives of Amara, Sophie and Cecilia.

In 2012, the lives of three young sisters named Amara, Sophie and Cecilia, were suddenly cut short at the hands of their father. The outpouring of community support for their mom, Jessica, was unprecedented. The communal generous support is what created Tri-Angels Playground. In 2012, two River Falls high school students planned and coordinated the first organized fundraiser, a 5k that raised over $50,000! In 2015, and many fundraisers later, the Tri-Angels Playground amassed the over $550,000 needed to begin construction of a state-of-the-art playground on the land graciously donated by the City of River Falls. This all-accessible playground pays tribute to Amara, Sophie and Cecilia and highlights each of their special talents and interests. The Tri-Angels playground, and the story behind it, is so unique, it continues to be featured in newspapers and on television.

Tri-Angels: A Playground

The first project, a 12,000 square ft. inclusive play space, is now complete and open to the public, the investment needed for upkeep and further development are still a reality. The Tri-Angels Fund has been established to assist in keeping this River Falls treasure for years to come.

Tri-Angels: A Documentary Film

The second project a documentary film that tells the story of how the community of River Falls responded in support and generosity in the wake of this deeply emotional tragedy. The Tri-Angel’s Fund with the help of others will assist in getting this amazing story of hope and healing told.


The Tri-Angels Fund will always be investing in the Playground and projects that give back to the community and honor the lives of Amara, Sophie and Cecilia.

Our Team

Michelle Rinehart

A River Falls business owner and president of the River Falls Community Foundation, Michelle coordinates the annual 5k fundraiser and oversees…


Jessica is an integral part of the Tri-Angels Fund – directing all funds to projects that honor her daughters Amara, Sophie and Cecilia….

Victoria Babb

Victoria is a successful fundraiser, speaker, trainer and has spent most of her career strengthening the non-profit sector. She was…

William Alms

William launched his production company in 2013 after over 14 years in the television industry for a national network where he learned all facets…

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  • Jeremy Cudd
  • Sarah Gavin
  • Dawn Berendes
  • Dana Cudd
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  • Chris Berendes
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